Format for M.Ed. Proposal Writing

Format for M.Ed. Proposal Writing

Title page

Table of contents
List of tables
List of figures

Chapter I

Background of the Study
Statement of the Problem
Questions have been raised about the …….
Scholars have long debated the….
Previous studies of X have not fully dealt with …..
Previous published studies are limited to …
Up to now, far too little attention has been paid to …
There is little published knowledge on …
What is less clear is the nature of …..
Much uncertainty still exists about 
Objectives of the Study
Research Question or Hypothesis of the Study (if necessary)
Significance of the study
First paragraph - What knowledge are contributing to the field?
Second paragraph - Who are the potential users of and how do they apply this knowledge?
Third paragraph - In what ways does the research contribute to policy? or what changes their knowledge bring to the field? 
Delimitations of the Study
Definition of the Key Terms

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature

Review of Theoretical Literature
Review of Empirical Literature/Previous Studies
Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

Chapter III
Methods and Procedures

Research design (qualitative, quantitative and mixed design)
Population and Sample ( or Study Field and Participants of the Study)
Sampling strategy and procedures
Research Tools
Sources of data (primary and secondary)
Data Collection Procedures
Data Analysis Procedure
Ethical Considerations
Reference Refences (APA format) Appendices (Questionnaire, Interview questions or any other relevant tools etc.)

Internal Evaluation

Assessment criteria Internal evaluation
(Full marks 60)
Expert evaluation
(Full mark 40)
Defense on viva questions 10 6 16
Originality, novelty and contributory to the field 6 4 10
Appropriateness of introduction section, Researchable problems, objectives and questions 10 6 16
Appropriateness of literature review: thematic & relevant, Appropriateness of conceptual framework 6 4 10
Appropriateness of methodology 8 6 14
Data collection tools (in Appendix) 6 4 10
Writing: academic style, clarity, coherent & error-free 8 6 14
Formatting, citation and referencing according to APA 6 4 10
Total 60 40 100


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