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Limit (BCB-Revised Edition 2020, Exercise 15.3, Page 389)

Test the continuity of discontinuity of the following function by calculating the left hand limits, the right-hand limits and the values of the functions…
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Limit (BCB-Revised Edition 2020, Exercise 2, Page 379)

Evaluate the following. \( \displaystyle \lim_{x \to 0} \frac{\sin ax}{x} \) Solution 👉 Click Here Given that …
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Continuity of a function

Many functions have the property that their graphs can be traced with a pencil without lifting the pencil from the page. Such functions are called continuous…
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Parts of Sets

अंकगणितमा +,-,x, ÷ लाई चारवटा आधारभतु क्रियाहरु मानिन्छ । In school mathematics, यि चारवटा आधारभतु क्रियाहरु बाहेक "Set" लाई पनि counting princip…
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