TSC Courses (Mathematics)

  1. Unit 1
  2. Unit 2
    1. School Algebra: Algebraic Expressions, Radical and surds, Polynomials and rationales, Indices, Linear and quadratic equation
    2. Geometry: Triangle, Quadrilateral, Circle, Tangent to Circle, Construction
    3. Analytic Geometry: Straight line, Homogeneous equation, Pair of lines, Angle between two lines.
    4. Transformation Geometry: Reflection, Rotation, Translation and Enlargement
    5. Vector and Scalar: Definitions, Scalar product, Vector product, Application vector in geometry
  3. Unit 3
  4. Unit 4
    1. Counting Principles and Mathematical Induction: Counting principle, permutation, combination, mathematical induction
    2. Probability: Mathematical expectation, conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem.
    3. Measures of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, Mode, Relations among them
    4. Measure of Dispersion: Range and Quartile deviation, Mean deviation, Standard deviation, Coefficient of variation.
    5. Correlation and Regression: Correlation coefficient and its properties, Pearson’s correlation, Spearman’s correlation, Regression equations of two variables
  5. Unit 5
  6. Unit 6
  7. Unit 7
  8. Unit 8
  9. Unit 9
  10. Unit 10

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