Discrete Probability Distribution


As we know
\(f( x,y )=\frac{xy}{36}\)for \(x=1,2,3,y=1,2,3\)
is a probability function of discrete random variable
\( f( x,y )=\frac{3}{5}x( x+y )\) for \( 0 \le x \le 1,0 \le y \le 2\)
is probability function for continuous random variable
Among such various types of probability functions (discrete or continuous), some particular types of discrete probability functions are

  1. binomial probability function
  2. hypergeometric probability function
  3. poisson probability function

Binomial probability function

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Hypergeometric probability function

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  1. Suppose in a certain production of 250 objects, there are 17 defective production. A quality control consultant randomly collects 5 production for inspection to determine whether or not they are defective. Let X denote the number of defectives in the sample. Find the probability of exactly 3 defectives in the sample, that is, find P(X = 3)

Poisson probability function

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