Mathematics has a better sense than the common sense
Mathematics is a natural language. This language works with four major mother structure: Quantity, Change, Structure, and Space. Based on these mother structure, Mathematics consists its branches like arithmetic, calculus, algebra, geometry and many more.
Mathematics is also queen of all sciences. Therefore, Science can not progress without mathematics. Mathematics , in a certain sense , is also an axiomatic system. Therefore, we all accept the mathematical facts and figures based on the foundation of its undefined terms, definitions, axioms, and theorems.
“Mathematics gives us wings in all worlds”
There are four kinds of worlds :one is physical world, second is mental world the third is platonic world, and fourth is digital world. Roger Penrose is a mathematical physicist. He said that Mathematics has certain platonic existence. Mathematical objects like number, line point etc. exist in platonic world. There is no perfect line in real world. We can not see mathematical plane anywhere in the universe. This kind of pure mathematical or geometric objects exist only in the platonic thought.
The mental world consists our thoughts and abstract perceptions. It does not necessarily make logical reasoning and mathematical language dependent on it. Next, The physical world is materialistic world where we live. Finally, the digital world is the surroundings magnified through internet and ICT tools.
All these worlds interact each other using mathematical language. They do function with mathematical language. So, Love Mathematics, wherever you are.

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