Set Operation (Union of Sets): An Interactive Video

In real number system, we can do four fundamental operation to form new number by combining or manipulating one or more existing numbers.

For example, given two numbers $2$ and $3$, we can use

  •  $+$ to form a new number $5$ by $2+3$ 
  •  $\times$ to form a new number $6$ by $2 \times 3$ 

Similarly, we can do Set operation to form new Set by combining or manipulating one or more existing Sets. Set operation helps to combine two or more sets together to form a new set. The common example of set operations are

Union, Intersection, Difference, and Complement.

Union of Sets 

Let $ A$ and $B$ be any two sets. Then union of sets $ A$ and $B$ is a new set consisting all the elements of $ A$ and $B$. It is denoted by $ A \cup B$ and read as “A union B”.

In Symbol, $ A \cup B = \{x: x \in A \text{ or } x\in B\}$.

Set Operation (Union of Sets) हेर्नको लागी तलको video मा click गर्नुहोस।

Also try this game, until the Next Video Comes!

This game is designed to introduce students to the idea of a set with Venn-Diagram. In this Game, Students will experiment with sets in conjunction with the Venn Diagram. 

Venn-Diagram को Top Right मा ऊल्लेखित Set ले जनाउने भागलाई Venn-diagram मा Mouse ले  (Mobile मा वा touch screen मा हातको औलाले ) click गरेर red color लगाउनुहोस! 

New Question मा Click गरेर पुनः यो game खेल्नुहोस