Workshop on Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) Workshop/Training

Atlas.ti is a leading and powerful software for qualitative data analysis. It has capabilities to execute a range of qualitative analysis. Thus, this QDA training/workshop aims to provide hand on skill on fundamentals to data entry, data management, data analysis and result interpretation using Atlas.ti. The workshop covers everything from literature review, quotations, codes, memos, families, super codes, smart codes, networks, and offers easy step-by-step guide to mastering the analysis. The most important skill that the workshop/training address is to enable the participant to choose the appropriate analysis technique to analyze data in Atlas.ti.

Who this course is for?

This QDA training/workshop is targeted for researcher, teachers and professionals who are looking for a clean idea to perform qualitative analysis. It is equally targeted to Ph.D, Masters and Undergraduate students for their Thesis or Dissertation work.

Training/Workshop Outcomes

·         A proficient Human Resource (HR) to understand Atlas.ti for academic work
·         A proficient HR to work with data, codes, themes, and network in Atlas.ti
·         A proficient HR to execute fundamental procedures involved in setting up a project, segmentation and coding, analysis and outputs

Course Highlights

The workshop will cover given contents with following schedule
Introduction:                                                   5 minutes
Hands on Activity/Demonstration:                 45 minutes
Questions & answers:                                     10 minutes

Session 1: Fundamentals of Atlas.ti

·         Installation
·         Atlas.ti windows (Overview of the interface)

Session 2: Setting up the Project

·         Creating the project
·         Sources of Qualitative data
·         Adding, commenting and grouping documents (Text, PDF, Images, Audio, Videos).

Session 3: Data Security

·         Atlas.ti project
·         Atlas.ti project bundle
·         Atls.ti project files

Session 4: Segmentation

·         Creating and commenting quotations
·         Creating Quotation
·         Quotation in context
·         Hyperlink between quotations
·         Visualizing hyperlinks
·         Preview Network in various Layouts

Session 5: Coding

·         Coding and organizing the code system
·         Creating Codes (Text, PDF, Images, Audio, Video)
·         Inductive/Deductive Codes
·         View, Select, and Review Codes

Session 6: Reference Manager

·         Import document from Reference manager
·         Code imported documents

Session 7: Analysis of the Data

Cross tabulation and Results in Context
Code frequencies across documents and document groups
Word cloud/Key terms
Creating word cloud based on created data segment and Comparing results
Creating and Saving Reports

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