How to Use ICT in Education

Mathematics is a universal language and those who use it best will succeed most. In mathematics, a mental sense of the rough magnitude of things is important to realize when you have done something wrong and got nonsense. Thus, understanding the concepts and formulating them correctly is what matters in mathematics. Hence, ICT are of great benefits that help us to keep accurate track of calculation and visualization.

However, in one hand, सामान्यतया ICT को प्रयोग भनेको युट्यूब भिडियो देखाउने, नोटहरूलाई PPT मा प्रतिलिपि गर्ने मात्र होईन। समान्यतया आजभोली सबैजनासँग घर र बिध्यालय इन्टरनेट को पहुच छ, र शिक्षकले माथी भनेजस्तो युट्यूब भिडियो र PPT प्रयोग गर्दा बिद्यार्थीले पनि ति कुराहरु internet प्रयोग गरेर थाहा पाएका वा पाउन सक्ने हुन्छन।

In another hand, People may think that doing math using ICT is automatically easier, but it is not. Math with ICT is easier if we put it with right contexts. Doing math using ICT is sometimes more complex than solving problems by hand (using paper and pencil).