Day 2# Mathematica

Mathematica Basics Rules

1. All commands starts with Capital Letter
     For example: Graphics, PointSize, GridLines, Axes, True, Sin..
2. The argument of the function is always enclosed by [ ... ]
     For example: Sin[x], f[x], .....
3. The range of function is always enclosed by {...}
      For example: {1,2,3}, {x,-3,3}, {y,-Pi,Pi}
4. The "Enter" key results with new line
    The "Shift+Enter" key results with output
5. For any help, always use "Documentation Center"
6. Use "semicolon ;" to suppress the output

Basics Typesetting

Symbol Keyboard input
1 ->

Task 1 (Hands on Activity)

1 Open Mathematica Notebook
2 Type the command given below
p = {5, 5}; Graphics[{Blue, PointSize[0.05], Point[p]}, Axes -> True, GridLines -> Automatic,Method -> {"GridLinesInFront" -> True},GridLinesStyle -> Directive[Dotted]]
 3.  Press "Shift+Enter" to execute the output.

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