Sunday, December 8, 2019

SEE Model Question for 2021

Dear Friends! Here is attached SEE Model Questions for Mathematics. This Model will be effective from SEE 2021, as reported by NEB.

                                                       Why is this SEE Standardization, SEE Model Question

In SEE 2021, every full test will follow curriculum in terms of format and level of items (See SEE Grid). The aim is that, with the help of SEE Standardization, classroom teaching learning can be influenced through beneficial backwash effect; minimize rote learning practices; improve learning achievement of students; motivate teachers in their professional development; and provide a valid, reliable and fair certification of learning achievement.

Beneficial backwash effect: If examination is improved, it also affects classroom teaching learning practice as a beneficial backwash effect.

Minimization of rote learning: In SEE exam, there will representative number of items from all the units and levels of learning, it will imperative to teach and learn higher level of thinking skills to succeed. It will discourage meaningless rote memorization and encourage meaningful learning.

Curriculum as guiding document: Standardized test will be based on curriculum and there will be probability of items from any of the cell in the matrix. Even in the same matrix item will not be same and same item will not be repeated in coming years. This will relay a clear message that curriculum should be guiding document in teaching learning than other short cut and test wise methods.

Motivate teachers: In order to become accustomed to and improve their practices, teachers need to upgrade themselves as well. Thus, standardized test is expected to motivate teacher in their professional development such as in item development, classroom questioning, use curriculum as main reference, and use student achievement data to improve classroom teaching learning.

Valid, reliable and fair certification: One of the main purposes of standardized test is to provide a valid, reliable and fair certification of learning achievement of students based on curriculum. 

        SEE Model Questions for SEE 2021

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  1. sir, please upload the powerpoint presentation file and item number identifying paper so as to demonstrate the programme in my school.

    - trainee
    (Chandan Kumar Sah)