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Curriculum Mapping
Prepared by · Bed Prasad Dhakal ·

1.      Profile of the Course:
a.       Course Title:
b.      Course Code:
c.       Credit hour:
2.      Total Student Learning Time (Volume of Learning): 48 * 3 hours
a.       Face-to-Face (Classroom Learning) 60%
The 60% content of this course will be accomplished in F2F teaching.
b.      Online Programmed Learning: 15%
The 15% content of this course will be accomplished through online structured and customized delivery mode. For example, online games and online simulation, interactive learning objects. These contents require internet connection and some web applications.  
c.       Offline Independent Learning: 25%
The 25% content of this course will be accomplished through offline independent and learning/reading mode. For example, resources (eg., text, media, interactive) of LMS that students can access via internet connection, download and access offline through digital device (eg., laptop, mobile) anytime anywhere without internet connection. These contents require internet connection in LMS at least. 
Week 1

Unit Subtopics
Resources Type
Activity Type
Classroom learning
Independent Learning
Programmed Learning

Prepared by · Bed Pasad Dhakal ·

Preliminary Section _ Sample Copy

Step 1: Announcement लाई Welcome to the course! मा परिवर्तन गर्नुहोस

Step 2: General Announcement मा तलको जस्तै तपाईको बिषयसँग मिल्ने text लेख्नुहोस

प्यारा बिध्यार्थी साथीहरुनेपाल खुला विश्वबिध्यालय अन्तर्गत Social Sciences and Education संकायको एमफिलतहको Course "ICT and e-Research" मा तपाईहरुलाई स्वागत   यो Online Platform बाट तपाईहरुको अध्ययनलाई सहज  सरल साथै बिषयको बुझाईलाई meaningful बनाउन सक्दो प्रयास गर्नेछौ। यस सन्दर्भमा तपार्ईहरु पनि अप्ठ्यारो लागेको प्रश्नहरु वा जिज्ञासा हरु राख्न वा सोध्न संकोच नमान्नुहोला

ICT and e-research course is designed for M Phil students to provide knowledge and competencies of e-research techniques for diverse fields of social and educational researchers who have already experienced quantitative, qualitative and mixed method research. The purpose of this course is to apply technology-based tools and techniques in research practice. This course advances rather than replaces traditional research methodologies.

Step 3: Description पछी आफ्नो परिचय text लेख्नुहोस

I am here to facilitate your learning ↓

Dr. Bed Prasad Dhakal ¦ ¦ Course designer and facilitator ¦NOU
NOU, ICT and e-Research ¦ ¦
My name is Bed Prasad Dhakal-I will be the instructor for this course. If you’d like to read more about me, my bio can be found at:

Step 4: Upload course syllabus

Step 5: Set up Help Desk

If you need any HELP? Please Post Here↓

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