Monday, December 9, 2019

Marking Scheme for SEE Model Question 2021

Constructed Response/Subjective type of items are relatively open with possibility of divergent responses. In order to make marking of such items uniform as far as possible, marking scheme are developed. During drafting of items key answer for the objective type items and marking schemes for SAQ and LAQ are also prepared, pre-tested, and finalized. Basically, following aspects should be considered while developing marking scheme,
  1. ·         Score points to elements or reasoning steps are allocated – not on the assumed difficulty level of item.
  2. ·         Marking schemes are based on the analysis of the types of expected answers.
  3. ·         Crucial elements are listed, and reasoning is presented in a step wise, hierarchical order.
  4. ·         All possible/expected answers are provided as far as possible and where open indicative suggestions for possible/probable answers are provided. 

             Marking Scheme for SEE Model Question 2021 is given below

                The model question for SEE 2021 is here

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