2.5 Analysis of Textbooks

1. Selection and Organisation of Content
2. Physical Appearance
  • Logical development of subject matter
  • Chapter headings and divisions contribute to comprehension
  • Introduction, explanatory, and summary
  • paragraphs included
  • Topic sentences identifiable
  • Every chapter/unit includes summary
3. Content 
  • Curriculum Perspective matches 
  • Comprehension questions include literal, inference, and critical thinking
  • Concepts covered are grade level appropriate
  • Ideas presented deductively/ Ideas presented inductively
  • Enough development of new ideas provided
  • No sexual, racial, economic, cultural or political bias
4. Language Concerns

  • Well addressed for reading level
  • Appropriate for grade level intended
  • Language patterns appropriate for grade level
  • Vocabulary used appropriate for grade level
5. Exercises and Activities
  • Clarity of Instructions
  • Development of Learner Autonomy
  • Consideration of Learning Style and Differences

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